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Being thirsty for former “One Direction” singer Harry Styles is expected and understandable – he is, after all, handsome.

But trying to cop a feel of his crotch while he’s on stage, mid-song, is very disrespectful – yet it’s exactly what happened during a live performance in LA this weekend.

Harry Styles
Photo: Deposit Photos – S. Bukley

The 23-year-old singer, who is touring with his solo album these days, took park in a “We Can Survive” concert in Los Angeles, in aid of National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

A video posted on Twitter shows how, during his performance, Harry was on his knees in front of his fans – when one hand reached directly for his crotch.

Harry quickly moved the hand away, stepped back, and – impressively – it did not affect his singing.


Harry Styles’ fans were outraged, and quickly filled Twitter with the hashtag “RespectHarry”, calling on everybody to treat the singer with more respect.