British actor Dominic Andersen, who played the part of “Rocky” on the UK stage version of The Rocky Horror Show last year, was probably the hottest man to take on the role. (Or at least neck and neck with Chord Overstreet’s golden-trousers rendition).

In a new video, Dominic talks about the hardships of transforming his body into THAT, and reveals some of his secrets and training routines.

Dominic Andersn as Rocky
Photo: The Rocky Horror Show

Dominic Andersen and his pal and fellow actor Tom Bainbridge have recently started a YouTube channel called “Dom and Tom”, where they mostly talk about fitness.

In their latest video, Dominic talks about his role as Rocky – and mainly about getting in crazy shape for that role.

“I was in drama school from 19 to 22-years-old, and that’s when I saw the most dramatic changes in terms of my fitness levels”, Dominic explains.

Mr man Taron

When he got the part of Rocky, he was contractually obligated to keep his body fit.

“Mentally it was crazy, it was so draining. Once you start having to be in a certain physique for a show, and you get to that point where you also connect to yourself physically, you end up getting stressed out at the tiniest changes.

If there’s a bit of water weight from drinking the night before, you take it so personally… it becomes a massive obsession.”

Watch the full video right here: