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Chord Paul Overstreet, the 27-year-old actor who played Sam Evans on Glee, was hot from the first second he appeared on our screen. And not only that – the boy can sing, too! (Plus, he has incredible abs). Let’s have a look at some of his greatest moments from recent years, and remember why we love him so much.

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1. The latest shirtless photo that drove the internet wild. Yes, the abs are still there


2. Glee was never shy about giving us those Chord abs



3. Case in point – his infamous golden shorts from the Rocky Horror episode

Chord Overstreet as Rocky Horror
Photo: Fox

4. It takes a real man to wear… that


5. Notice the sign


6. Is that the hottest cop ever?



7. Chord doing Justin Bieber. Covering, that is – singing “Baby”



8. Locker room fun with the late Cory Monteith

Chord Overstreet with cory monteith
Photo: Fox


9. Oh thank you, Glee!

Chord modelling
Photo: Fox


10. Who’s cuter?



11. Covered in white goo



12. You’re being called to the Doctor’s office



13. Having fun at the beach



14. We’re not crazy about the beard. But hey, to each his own



15. Looking to see you in future projects, Chord!


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