Ross Lynch, the 20-year-old former Disney Channel star (“Teen Beach Movie“) is set to play the young Jeffrey Dahmer in a new indie film, “My Friend Dahmer“.

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Ross Lynch
Photo: Deposit Photos – Jean Nelson

Jeffrey Dahmer was an infamous serial killer, who raped and murdered 17 men and boys in the late 1970s and early 1990s. His murders involved dismemberment and cannibalism.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ross Lynch will play Dahmer in his high school years, in an adaptation of Derf Backderf’s graphic novel. The coming-of-age story centers on the young Dahmer as he struggles with a difficult family life and thoughts of wanting to kill. Marc Meyers wrote the script, and will also direct the project.

Ross isn’t the first Disney star to shake off his image with a controversial gay character. Earlier this year, his “Teen Beach Movie” co-star, Garret Clayton, portrayed gay porn star Brent Corrigan, in James Franco’s gay porn (and murder) biopic – King Cobra.

“My Friend Dahmer” is expected to shoot in August in Ohio.


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