Summer is upon us, the weather is hot, and some men resolve to dancing naked in their rooms while playing bass guitar. However, if you’re not careful, that can lead to your roommate’s toes being broken. Wait, what?

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Shirtless man playing guitar
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That’s what happened to this guy on Reddit, who loves playing around naked in his room when it gets too hot. But the outcome was tough this time – Two roommates seeing him naked, broken toes, and a broken rib.

“I’m a musician, specifically a bass player, and I absolutely love funk”, he writes. “Today, I was also in a very creative mood so I decided to make some music while being naked.”

Sounds good so far – even hot (pun intended). But then… things went all wrong.

“I cranked up my amplifier and stereo equipment, put on a disco funk backing track, looped that track and started playing. Naturally, I got into the zone and started dancing furiously while playing bass to the sweet tune.

I guess you have attended a concert of a band and noticed that at some point they start sweating. So I was already playing for about two hours straight, it was still very hot in my room, I was naked and my whole body was dripping sweat.

The floor of the flat is some material that becomes very slippery when wet.

There I was, standing in my puddle of sweat, dancing like a madman and making love to my bass innocently when my roommate got annoyed by the loud music and knocked at my door.

As mentioned, I was in the zone, so I didn’t hear her knocking. She decided to simply go into my room and tell me to turn the music down, but as soon as she opened the door she released a mighty scream, seeing my cute little butt dancing in front of my desk.

I startled, turned around abruptly and slipped because of the puddle of sweat I left behind. My bass hit me in the ribs and broke one of it while also pushing my table with the printer on it.

The tabletop started to tip because the legs were so weak, the printer slided off the table and fell on my roommate’s toes, breaking them. Now she and I were laying on the ground, my balls smiling at her while she looked at them in terror.

Meanwhile, my other roommate came to see what was going on, laughed at us, left and continued playing WoW.

We were laying there for a few more awkward seconds. I got up, put my bass aside and checked on her, totally forgetting that I was still naked. She kinda crawled backwards and said “Put something on first!” I looked down, saw my Freedom dangling there and quickly put on underwear.

Then I was allowed to check her toes and they didn’t look like how toes are supposed to look like, so I summoned my roommate and asked him to drive us to the nearest hospital instead.