Our romantic bones was served in full this year, with the stories of Colton Haynes’ marriage proposal – but now, Colton shares the equally romantic story of how he and his now-fiance, Jeff Leatham, first started dating.

Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham
Photo: Instagram

Colton Haynes, The 28-year-old former Arrow and Teen Wolf star, had a very busy year, that started with him coming out publicly as gay, and ended (so far) with him getting engaged.

Today, Colton took to Instagram and in celebration of Jeff’s birthday, told the story of how they first met. Turns out, they were set up four years ago – Colton was “not in a very good place” back then – so it took a few more years for them to start dating.

Mr man Taron

“Jeff & I were supposed to meet 4 years ago through a set up date”, Colton writes. “I wasn’t in a very good place at the time & we lived in different places so we both decided not to meet (but we did do a little bit of internet stalking and I loved what I saw :)”

“Flash to yrs later when we happened to randomly run into each other at the airport lounge in Paris where Jeff hit me with his bag & said “Hey punk…aren’t you Colton?”

After 10 seconds of literal love at first mtg…I responded “Hi Jeff” and couldn’t find words to say cause I was dumbstruck.

So after he physically accosted me he then carried my bags to the plane where we sat just 3 rows away from each other.

After passing post it notes back and forth & sending Champagne love letters…Jeff asked me to come cuddle with him on the plane & from that day on…my life has forever been changed.

There aren’t words to express how kind, loving, beautiful, & talented this man is & I’m so lucky to get to spend not just his birthday with him…but also life with him. Ur my rock. I love you. Happy Birthday boo bah”


May they have many happy years together!