There’s a very special place in our hearts for Chord Overstreet, ever since his days as Sam-AmazingAbs-Evans on Glee. So starting out the day with his sunny hitchhiking photos from his time in Maui, is a treat.

Chord Overstreet as Rocky Horror
Remember THAT from Glee?
[Photo: Fox]

28-year-old Chord Overstreet is doing well with his music these days, most recently with his hit song “Hold On” – we just regret the fact that he’s been missing from our TV screens.

But Chord’s photos from Hawaii are an eyeful – while he’s not shirtless, unfortunately, the sun goes well with his blond hair and those big arms.

Case in point:

And having fun with his buddy Nick Wayne:

Surf’s up! (Well then, where are the beach photos?)

And here’s one just for old time’s sake:

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