Fashion and looks are a matter of taste, of course, but when 28-year-old Chord Overstreet turned from the muscular blond twink that he was in Glee, to a bearded, long-haired country singer – we were worried.

But there’s good news! Recently, Chord finally shaved (well, mostly), cut his hair, and he’s back to his earlier look – only a bit older and wiser.

Chord Overstreet armani
Photo: Instagram

If you need a reminder, Chord’s most memorable moment in Glee was probably this one, when he portrayed Rocky, in their version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Chord Overstreet as Rocky Horror
Photo: Fox

Then, after Chord released his first solo single “Homeland” and started touring the country with his new songs, he moved into looking like this:

Thankfully, however, Chord is now back to looking like this – and even wearing Armani.

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And even though he’s not showing us those abs again, we can still stare at him for hours.

Just keep looking like that…