Charlie Puth, the 25-year-old American singer and music producer, has been working on more than his music career this past year – his body was also put to work, and hard, at the gym – and it shows.

Looking at some of Charlie’s recent Instagram photos and videos, proves that spending enough time at the gym, will make you look… like that.

Charlie Puth abs
Photo: Instagram

Charlie, who last year also collaborated with Shawn Mendes by joining the American leg of his tour, is no stranger to teasing his fans with shirtless selfies. But it’s not just the fans – Shawn Mendes also opened up about getting gym selfies from Charlie…

Let’s start with this one…

There’s also a recent Instagram Story posted by Charlie, with him looking all hot and sweaty on a basketball court.

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And never forget those back and shoulder muscles!

What can we say – keep up the good work Charlie.