Charles-Laurent Marchand is a super-hot 25-year-old French model, who has already proved in the past that size DOES matter.

His latest Instagram post was taken when he was coming out of bed – and, judging by the size of that, ehm, package – he had a good night’s rest. Or something.

Charles-Laurent Marchand closeup
Photo: Instagram

Earlier this month, Charles-Laurent showed us his bulgiest briefs yet, and now it seems he has yet another impressive pair.

“Why no one woke me up…?”, he asks in the caption. “So comfortable…”

It definitely looks comfortable. Or maybe not – a bit too snug, maybe? But we’re not complaining.

Charles-Laurent’s fans (he has more than 350,000 of them on Instagram) were also not complaining, writing things like “What a package, what a big piece of heaven”, and “Bulgy AF”. Indeed.