Men have complicated relationships with the size of their penis – some believe it doesn’t matter at all, others want to be bigger, while some wish they were actually smaller.

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But this man, who came to Reddit seeking advice, is not only aware of his large size – but also gets off on being told that.

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Up until he was 19-years-old, the guy (who is apparently straight… but there’s a catch, as you’ll see further ahead) didn’t even KNOW he had a larger-than-usual penis. That is, until he went to a nudist resort for the first time – due to body image issues.

“For the most part it was a pretty standard visit whenever I would go. I’d hang out in the sauna, hot tub, or pool and get to talk with people from all walks of life of all shapes and colors.

One day I was walking over to the pool and got hailed over by what I can only describe as a large breasted, mature woman who thought it was great that a young man like myself was interested in naturism. Then the fateful words – ‘You’ve got a real big dangler there.’

This of course gave 19-year-old me the hardest erection I’ve ever experienced. Truthfully, a change in wind direction would have given me a boner, but I digress. As I am achieving full mast she turns to her friend and tells her to look at how big my penis is.

Her friend is sitting down on one of those lounger things you tan on near the pool and is basically eye level with my dick when she turns her head. Her friend only remarked that it was very nice and turned away as I guess she had some decency or whatever.

At this point I realise I’ve got a boner and push it between my thighs and give it a squeeze to kill the blood flow because it is poor taste to have a boner at a nudist resort.

About this time I become very aware of how much bigger my penis is than some of the other men there. This was really the first sexual experience of my life as I had been pretty repressed up until now.

Ever since then I’ve really only gotten off to women telling me how much bigger my dick is than someone else’s and I know it really isn’t healthy. I’m considering seeing a sex therapist because I’d like to have a healthier relationship with my sexuality, but I’m not sure if it’s an issue that can be helped.

Some of the Redditors commented that if he’s so much into comparing himself to other men, maybe he should look into “Cuckolding” (that’s when a man sleeps with a woman in front of her husband). The guy was intrigued.

I’m not so much in to other men being humiliated as I am into being praised and having my ego stroked. I’ll give it a look though, maybe see if there’s any couples in my area looking for that experience.

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