Here’s a question you didn’t think you would see today – why is model/internet sensation/hunk Cameron Dallas holding anal beads? Why is he in the bathroom with them? What happened next?? Questions, questions…

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Cameron Dallas is a 24-year-old “influencer” with millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube… you get the point. He’s also incredibly good looking, and sometimes he’s a bad-boy (but in a good way). Earlier this month, he also opened up – on Instagram – about his battle with addiction.

But let’s get back to those anal beads. In a new Instagram photo, captioned “Found my car keys”, Cameron is taking a selfie in a bathroom, while holding – yes – anal beads.

Cameron’s brother-in-law, Brent Mallozzi, was quick to comment, writing “Nice anal beads”. To which Cameron answered – “I borrowed yours.” Hmm… family shenanigans?

So many questions!

So let’s just end the day with a video of Cameron sucking on some candy: