At 26, internet star Cameron Dallas, whose fame used to come mostly from Instagram and Twitter, is not just a pretty face – he also has an incredible body.

cameron dallas naked bubble bath

But with a Netflix series of his own, a new album, and a lot of modelling work, Cameron is more than just a social media star.

This year, Cameron was hospitalised after a cliff-jumping accident, he got arrested on assault charges, and recently he also posted a brave confession video, talking about his battles with addiction.

To commemorate his birthday, let’s have a look at some of his hottest shots. Now, unfortunately, Cameron tends to periodically delete most of Instagram photos (To get a new image?) – and while sometimes they come back, at this point we can only show you more recent photos.

Worry not, though – he’s still just as hot.

1. Out camping – without a shirt…

2. On a boat… naked (make sure you scroll through all the pics!)

3. Now that’s how you wash a car

4. Nice lighting

5. Shirtless and…

6. That bum though… 

7. Bad boy look

8. Doing the dishes – shirtless, of course… 

9. And we HAD to bring this one back, from his Netflix series…

cameron dallas naked chasing cameron

10. And let’s end with one of his songs: