Brooklyn Beckham, the 19-year-old model son of David and Victoria Beckham, is never too shy about posting thirst-inducing shirtless photos on Instagram.

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However, his fans recently went crazy over a photo where he DOES have a shirt on, because… well… bulge.

Brooklyn Beckham
Photo: Deposit Photos – Twocoms

Brooklyn, who has more than 11 million followers on Instagram, took the picture while on a rooftop. It’s an artsy black and white picture, but thirsty fans never miss a prominent bulge – which became the talk of the comments section.

The comments went from a simple “nice view!” up to “I need that bulge in my mouth”, and of course – “He certainly looks pleased to see us.”

And as much as we love seeing black and white and blurry bulge photos, these will make you even happier:


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