When you’re in a relationship, you want your boyfriend to get along with your family. But is it possible for them to get along… TOO well? So much so, that they inappropriately joke about your sex life?

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That’s what happened to this guy on Reddit, when his Significant Other started joking with his family about their sex lives, the voices the guy makes in bed, and even about being a bottom.

“We were visiting my family, after dinner he was with my parents and sister drinking and laughing loudly”, the guy writes. “I thought good, it’s the second time they met and I’m happy they got along but they were talking about me.”

And things turned out to be pretty awkward.

“Basically he was making fun of me and openly discussing our sex life with details.


What bothered me the most was that he said I was so loud in bed and my family laughing because they know me as quiet and reserved. I’m not even loud but he joked as if I was.


I sat there trying to change the topic but they were acting like it was no big deal after I just went upstairs because I was so embarrassed. I’m very private about my sex life because for me sex is something private and intimate.


Later I did call him out but he doesn’t understand that it made me upset and he is making light out of it by telling me to calm down because my parents are “chill”.


I am with my partner the way I am in bed because I trust him, I can explore a different side of myself. My family doesn’t have to know that side of me, not because I’m embarrassed.”