Gay porn star Blake Mitchell was never one to shy away from opening up. Whether it’s by having sex in front of a camera – or by talking openly about his bisexuality.

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In a video with YouTuber Arielle Scarcella Blake talks about the disbelief he sometimes gets from fans, and how some think he’s actually… straight.

Blake Mitchell pool
Photo: Helix Studios

Blake Mitchell is a 24-year-old gay porn star, who’s been performing since he was 18. For most of his adult career, he’s been with Helix Studios – though he left them earlier this year, and is on his own for the time being.

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Blake teamed up with popular YouTuber Arielle, to talk about the problems he often faces as a bisexual man.

“They never say this to my face”, he says, “But people are like ‘I don’t think he’s actually bisexual, I think he’s actually straight and just gay4pay, or actually gay, and just saying bisexual as a stepping stone. Like eventually I’m going to say I’m gay.”

These days, Blake lives with his boyfriend Chad (the two even post porn clips on Chad’s OnlyFans page), but he’s had girlfriends in the past.

“This is crazy. A lot of people think that I’m faking being bisexual, and I’m actually gay4pay, which I hate because I don’t like gay4pay.”

Asked about the possibility he would ever film straight porn, Blake explains that the pay is an issue.

“I get paid better in gay porn than straight porn. Straight porn for men doesn’t pay well at all. It’s the only industry where the pay gap favours women. But there are some straight studios that I would work for.”

Watch the full video, where Blake and Arielle also talk about spending 8 hours on a porn shoot (“People think – I can do that! And I’m like, no fuck you couldn’t. I’m sorry…”), and why his straight friends accept him more easily than his gay ones. (Or watch his NSFW scenes here)