Barrett Pall is a 29-year-old model and a former competitive swimmer, who is also openly gay. Being a male model, he has the inside look on what one needs to have – and do – to also become one, and he’s willing to share on his new video.

However… he would encourage most of you to seek a different industry – one that’s not so damaging to your soul.

Barrett Pall model

“You guys ask me all the time how to become a model”, Barrett begins, and gives out a few tips:

  • The first thing you need to do is… be tall. If you weren’t born tall you’re most likely out of the running.
  • Make sure you’re in crazy good shape. You have to be a professional athlete with the way you train your body.
  • You need to be an actor as well, because you’re going to need to express emotion behind your eyes. Modelling is not just a picture, it’s fashion films and commercials…

Then, Barrett goes on to explaining how modelling is NOT glamorous 90 percent of the time.

It sounds easy or exciting or lucrative – the truth is it’s not. Today it’s basically social media stars, celebrity kids that are taking all the jobs.

“If you don’t have the right height or location or connections, then do yourself a favor and go to a career that has more longevity, that is more long-lasting, that is better on your soul than being rejected all day every day.”

Watch the full video right here: