Austin Armacost often gets naked on social media (as do many of his social-star-colleagues) – but there are some things models are too shy to expose, and some things you just can’t show on Instagram. Well – he did.

Austin Armacost
Photo: Instagram

Austin Armacost, The 29-year-old openly gay reality TV star (Celebrity Big Brother, for example) and model, has a rich past of getting naked on social media – he fulfilled our dream of a nude gym, and he recently shared a nude, post-sex photo.

This time, however, Austin decided to take it a step further, and show us… his pubes. And if you look closely (for research!), you might also see the end (or the beginning) of a certain other part of him.

Since the photo might get deleted from Instagram, here’s the Twitter version:

In case you’re not quite sure it’s him – here’s that tattoo again:

Austin’s fans were delighted, of course, as are we. And just in time for the post-Thanksgiving celebrations!