Meeting strangers you’ve only seen on Grindr (or any other dating app) can be risky. And for one guy on Reddit the hookup became a life-threatening situation.

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I got attacked on a Grindr hookup

“I was on grindr on NYE and was feeling pretty horny”, he writes. “So I changed my headline to ‘looking’ and weeded out the guys I thought were creeps from the normals. The guy I chose seemed alright. So we agreed to meet up at his place to watch the ball drop together and whatever happened after happened.”

So far – a regular introduction for an anonymous hookup. But that’s when things got scary.

I was so stupid. I’d never been to that side of the city before and as I was walking along the buildings got more and more dilapidated. The people on the street would give me strange looks and I felt so out of place and like I should turn around. I was horny though, so my stupidity got the better of me and I walked to his apartment building.

I don’t really want to go into heavy details about what happened next. He told me ‘his’ room number, but we met in the hallway. I was alone and he’d brought a friend. 6’3, probably had played football at some point.

When I arrived he said to his friend “Here the faggot”. He hit me in the face really hard and I don’t remember much after that. They took my wallet and my phone and ran off. I walked out of the building, crying and with a swollen face and no one I met on the street would help me. One group of guys laughed at me.

The guy did file a police report, but the cops told him there’s nothing they could do except try to contact Grindr to get the guy’s location.

“I’m so shaken over it”, he concludes. “They could have killed me. I’m afraid to talk to guys anymore. I was trying to expand my horizons and I got a black eye for it.”

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