Another day, another (very) revealing photo from actor/singer Ashley Parker Angel – but this time, it comes with a very important philosophical ethics question about see-through leggings. While we’re seeing-through.

Ashley Parker Angel near window
Photo: Instagram

Earlier this week we showed you 36-year-old Ashley Parker Angel’s super-tight underwear, that left very little to the imagination.

Now, the “Wicked” actor is leaving very little to the imagination yet again, with white see-through gym pants that are, well, pretty see-through.

“Question”, Ashley writes in the caption to his latest photo, “Is it okay for a dude to wear slightly see through white leggings with no shorts to the gym?? Asking for a friend, thanks.”

Our answer is, of course, a big Yes.

We’ll keep watching – we’re guessing Ashley will tease us again in a few days. And we’re totally fine with that.