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It’s time to take another look at Ashley Parker Angel’s bulge – or more to the point, his visible penis line (and impressive body), because it’s just that kind of a week.

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Ashley Parker Angel nearly naked

Ashley Parker Angel is a former O-Town singer – an American boy band formed during MTV’s Making The Band reality TV show. He’s also an actor and a model, and best of all – he often posts very revealing Instagram photos, and sometimes he simply gets naked.

Ashley often undergoes “90 Days Of Fitness” challenges, and the best part for us – he regularly posts semi-nude selfies as part of that challenge, that show how his body is progressing.

And sure, the colors and patterns on his undies might mean you’ll need to do a closeup – but we believe the visible penis line IS there. Here, take a closer look…


90 days or not, his body is always impressive.

Even at the beach!

Over and out