It’s time to take another look at Ashley Parker Angel’s bulge – or more to the point, his visible penis line (and impressive body), because it’s just that kind of a week.

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Ashley Parker Angel nearly naked

Ashley Parker Angel is a former O-Town singer – an American boy band formed during MTV’s Making The Band reality TV show. He’s also an actor and a model, and best of all – he often posts very revealing Instagram photos, and sometimes he simply gets naked.

Ashley often undergoes “90 Days Of Fitness” challenges, and the best part for us – he regularly posts semi-nude selfies as part of that challenge, that show how his body is progressing.

And sure, the colors and patterns on his undies might mean you’ll need to do a closeup – but we believe the visible penis line IS there. Here, take a closer look…

90 days or not, his body is always impressive.

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💢My #90 Days Of Fitness challenge is about more than hitting the gym daily, crushing cardio and following my meal plans religiously. It’s about constantly striving to reach my true potential. When I fully commit to staying positively focused for a period of 90 days, the upward spiral of positive effects bleed into all areas of my life. You can achieve incredible things in 90 days when you give it everything you’ve got. It will push you It will require sacrifice It will take dedication You will need to make healthy decisions You will be tempted to give up But when you achieve your goal, it's absolutely worth it. There are several cookie cutter workouts and diets you can google. Personally, I did not achieve the results I truly wanted until I hired a coach to create custom meal plans (based on your individual needs) and to create a workout plan that actually fit my lifestyle. Having skin in the game plus an accountability partner is what leads to consistently getting in shape, losing weight and overcoming challenges on a much higher level than ever before. Not to mention that when you have a coach taking the guesswork out of nutrition and exercise your results come faster and stay longer. If you're interested in achieving the best shape of your life and want to work with me to reap the benefits of one-on-one coaching email me at [email protected] Let’s get after it! 👊🏼

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Even at the beach!

Over and out

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