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We’re not usually accustomed to seeing people as they orgasm. It happens when we’re intimate with others, and it happens in porn (though you might still argue it’s play-acting, when in porn), but you don’t often get to see a close-up of a man’s face as he’s climaxing (or a woman) – but now you can, in a new short clip from Davey Wavey – and it’s a unique (and maybe a bit unsettling) experience.

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Orgasm Faces From Davey Wavey
Photo: YouTube

The clip was directed by Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli and Gabe C. Elder. It features the faces of porn actor Levi Karter, Chris Harder, Kathleen, and three other men and women. There’s no speech, and the clip is almost silent – except for a few moans that people make when they, well, orgasm.

It’s an interesting watch – and even a bit uncomfortable, as you’re sharing this very personal moment with strangers. See for yourself right here:

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