Don’t you hate it when someone on Grindr chats with you, asks for pictures, sometimes even a phone number, and then… disappears off the face of the Earth (also known as “ghosting”)? Well imagine how annoying it can be, when the other guy is a famous actor.

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Handsome man censored

Which is exactly what happened to this guy on Reddit, who started chatting with a VERY interested British actor. He writes:

I got chatted up on two different apps by the same semi famous British actor.

I actually wasn’t particularly interested and only kept chatting because I knew who he was and I thought it would be fun to see where it went

Anyway, he became very pushy about meeting up and asked me for my nudes. I don’t send ordinarily but he was very pushy so I sent mine. Then he asked for my location and he said he wanted to come and suck me.

Lo and behold, randomly a few minutes later he blocks me. Just another day in the endless fun of grindr…

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