How much would you pay for a kiss from sexy-maths-teacher-turned-model Pietro Boselli? Now, how much would you pay for a kiss from a NAKED Pietro Boselli?

Huge Gay Porn Deals Are Here  ⮕

Pietro Boselli in bed
Photo: YouTube

30-year-old Pietro Boselli, the Italian model we all lust for, tends to get naked – or at least semi-naked – often, with the results posted on Instagram for our enjoyment.

This time, Pietro posted a short clip of himself nude (OK, at least semi-nude, we can’t quite tell what’s happening behind that board!) – with a sign that says “20 Bucks for A Kiss”

Obviously, his fans were quick to jump on the offer, commenting things like “Take ALL my money!”. Indeed.

Will he accept a credit card?

Mr man Taron