Byron Langley is a model and YouTuber from from South Africa, with one the sexiest accents on that side of the planet (or any side). We’ve also seen him in one of Davey Wavey’s videos, talking (sort of) about issues straight guys face, and in his “World’s First Naked Gym” video.

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But his accent isn’t the only sexy thing about him – as these photos from his Instagram account clearly demonstrate:

1. Nature boy

2. It takes a real man to look good in flannel

3. Who doesn’t like a man in glasses?

4. Why so serious?

5. Fun at the beach

6. Coloring’s optional

7. Goofy. And hot

8. Looks good in red

9. Looks good in white

10. And even better without a shirt

11. He can sing, too!

12. With another South African YouTuber – Caspar Lee

13. Over and out

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