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You might be a dog person, you might be a cat person, but you’re definitely a hot guys person. So this time, we’re combining two adorable creatures – dogs and men.

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1. Jeff Kasser – He’s a model, he’s a dog lover, and he’s dreamy.


2. Matthew Noszka – He’s also a model, here with his pal Vincent



3. Edward Wilding and an international model’s best friend


4. Another adorable Edward – this time Harrington – with his “Sexy Rexy” (that’s the dog)



5. Who’s not envious of Clark Bockelman’s Daisy?



6. Landon Falgoust is not the only model in this photo. Rincon the dog is also a model!


7. Rincon with yet another super hot friend – River Viiperi


8. Apparently River Viiperi is a man of many dogs


9. Ok, we know that’s not a dog. But the guy is Garret Neff, so… why not?


10. The smooth Ryan Frederick with a hairy friend



11. Internet sensation Cameron Dallas with his pal Jaxx



12. Look, it’s The Flash! Grant Gustin with his adorable Jett


13. Rounding it up with the oh-so-sweet (and hot) Tom Daley


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