We’re crazy about cats. We’re also crazy about hot guys. Why not combine the two? Well, this is the internet – so there you have it. Hot guys with cats, waiting just for you on Instagram.

1. CJ Richards playing with a friend


2. The Adorable Kyle – with Mu the Cat

3. Andrew. “Imagine being licked with a tongue of knives”. Hmm…



4. Miles McMillan with Nadia (and he’s also Zachary Quinto’s boyfriend)


5. Arnau and a white friend

6. Fittingly, Landon’s cat is called Honey

7. Francisco Lachowski, the hot Brazilian model – with a furry friend.



8. We don’t know his name. Or the cat’s name. But they’re both cute.


9. Ben & Norris. Adorable.


10. This Instagram account is dedicated to cats. But occasionally…


11. This is Ollie. And that’s his cat.



12. We really hope the caption refers to the cat.

13. River Viiperi. Enough said.


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