1. Nathan Drake (Uncharted series)

Nathan Drake - Uncharted 4

He’s handsome, he’s tough, he’s funny and he helps the needy – probably the closest thing we have to a modern-day Indiana Jones, only better looking. Maybe not the BEST looking of the bunch, but probably the sexiest all-around guy.

2. Alistair (Dragon Age series)

Alistair from Dragon Age

Another fine example of someone who’s more than just a pretty face. The companion character from Dragon Age: Origins is witty and charming, and the only big disappointment is the fact you can’t “romance” him (that is, have pixelated sex with him) when you play a male character.

3. Henry Townshend (Silent Hill 4)

Henry Townshend Silent Hill 4

Shy and mysterious, he starts the game with nightmares (what is it about sexy men and nightmares?), he’ll be there to hold your hand on a scary night.

4. Snow (Final Fantasy XIII)

Snow from Final Fantasy XIII

Video games have twinks too! (Though we could do without that silly stubble – twinks aren’t supposed to have a stubble!).

5. Reno (Final Fantasy VII)

Reno - final fantasy vii

With his sexy red hair, Reno’s weapon of choice is an “Electro-Mag Rod”. Sounds pretty kinky to me.

6. Chris Redfield (Resident Evil series)

Chris Redfield Resident Evil

When you’re fighting zombies, it’s always better to have a sexy man by your side. That’s where Chris comes in handy. Plus, he’s a pilot, which is always great husband material.

7. Kaidan Alenko (Mass Effect series)

Kaidan Alenko - Mass Effect

As a character he was a bit bland, but as a guy, what’s not to like? Brave, rough around the edges, and in Mass Effect 3 you could finally have gay sex with him. Hurrah!

8. The New Dante (DMC: Devil May Cry)

Dante - DMC: Devil May Cry reboot

While the old Dante, with the white hair, was pretty good looking as well – the new one, from the “rebooted” DMC game, was even better looking, though his boyishly good looks did anger some of the fans.

9. Jacob Taylor (Mass Effect series)

Jacob Taylor - Mass Effect

A brave soldier with super-human powers and a willingness to save the galaxy. Not bad! What is bad? You can’t “romance” him as a male character.

10. Snake (Metal Gear Solid 5)

Snake - Metal Gear Solid 5

The 5th installment of Metal Gear Solid went back in time and gave us a younger snake. If you like your men rough and tough (and bearded) – Snake’s just the man for you. If you could get past the eye-patch, that is.

11. Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher series)

Geralt - The Witcher 3


Speaking of bearded men, Geralt is another muscled beauty with a dark past, who will give you a rough tumble in the sack, while fighting monsters. (Too bad he’s so straight, though).

12. Nightwing (Arkham Knight)

Nightwing - Arkham Knight

The superhero formerly known as Robin (and then became the older, sexier Nightwing), he appeared in two games in the Arkham series, and is the stuff hunky cosplayers are made of.

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