When you’re in a relationship, you can’t always see what’s in front of you. The relationship might already be over, or maybe it SHOULD be over, but you’re not seeing the signs. A Reddit user who recently broke up asked his fellow Redditors – what are some of the major red flags in relationships? These were some of the best answers.
 11 Red Flags That Your Relationship's In Trouble

1. Late? don’t bother showing up at all

2. Drugs are bad for both of you

3. Have some compassion

Your Boyfriend should care for the homeless

4. … Have some compassion for waiters as well

5. Is jealousy a bad thing?

There are two of us in the relationship

6. There are two of us


7. He should always be there for you

8. …And it can get even worse


9. Call me when you come out

Talk to me when you come out of the closet
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10. He should love himself first


11. Oh no, I’m dating Hitler