Maybe it’s the costumes, maybe the crazy parties – but for some reason, men use Halloween as an excuse to do all sorts of wild things. Then they go home and confess about it on Whisper.

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1. The man with the straight costume

Lastnight at this Halloween party, I had sex wit a girl's "straight" boyfriend. What? He told me I looked good in my costume. He sure as hell looked good wit out his on ahahah ?


2. As good a time as any…

Friend: What are you going as for Halloween? Me: I'm going as a straight guy. This is how I came out to my best friend as gay.

3. Holy Batman!

I'm gay and I just fuck a guy dressed as batman after Halloween

4. But were you going for “cute”?

My boyfriend won't let me take off my "Halloween costume" because he says its to cute. I'm gay

5. It’s that time of the year…

Im straight but I did something gay on Halloween

6. Sometimes you just stay in

I got so drunk last night all me and my friends did was watch gay porn together ? Happy Halloween?

7. Costumes don’t fool him!

Went to a Halloween party and could figure out which ones were the cute gay guys

8. At least once a year…

I love Halloween because I can dress as a woman, look good, and not be judged, because it's "just a costume" (20/gay/male)

9. Sometimes friends have better things to do

Came out as gay to my friends... They completely ignored me. Happy Halloween to you, too.

10. Even straight guys have some fun on Halloween

I love having a gay brother, I'm sight and every time he takes me to parties with him I hook up with his girl friends ? and Halloween party was just awesome