It’s been a while since we had a close (very close) look at model/photographer Zachary Howell – and since he got naked this week in a new set of photos, we figured it was time.

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Zachary Howell
Photo: Instagram

Zachary Howell’s first claim-to-internet-fame was as the sexy, half-naked Harry Potter – and later as a sexy, fully-naked model in his own right.

This time, Zachary is spoiling us with a set of very intimate photos. The first one, taken by Kevin Lowery, shows him, well – naked, with a collection of (fake) tattoos –

He’s also naked on the floor, playing (sort of) a guitar –

Then there’s a set of photos taken by Ore Adesina, which shows Zachary’s morning routine – and his shower (be sure to tap the photo – there are 4 of them) –

We’ll keep watching!

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