Andrew Neighbors, is both an Optometrist from Colorado, and a popular YouTuber with a channel called “Andrew Goes Places”, where he… goes places, sometimes alone and often with his boyfriend. He also has a popular Instagram channel with almost 80,000 followers, and, understandably, his fans want to see as many shots of him in his underwear as they can.

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But it doesn’t happen a lot… so Andrew decided to explain the underwear issue in a new video, and how it relates to his boyfriend, Logan. And he’s doing that while, of course, he’s in his underwear (or so it seems).

Andrew Goes Places underwear photo
Photo: YouTube

“I don’t really post a lot of below-the-belt kind of Instagram or videos”, Andrew explains in the videos – and then gives the reasons why:

“Taking my shirt off is something I’m very comfortable with. Anything below that – it’s really pushing my limits and I’m not quite comfortable with that yet.

The biggest reason is that I’m in a relationship, and I like to keep SOME THINGS just for him.

Obviously there’s what’s underneath the underwear, but if I start doing that, there’s not much left to the imagination, and I like some things to be just Logan’s.

Who wants their boyfriend just posting numerous underwear pictures?”

Still, there are SOME things to see on Andrew’s Instagram feed… let’s enjoy a few select examples:

Yes, he’s wearing pants in this one –

Shorts are OK too

Andrew and Logan

Watch Andrew’s full video right here:

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