Watch out for the photos you share online – you never know who’s going to take a look: In the past, gay men weren’t allowed to give blood at all in the United States. The regulations were recently changed, and now gay men can donate blood – but ONLY if they haven’t had sex with a man for the past 12 months.

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Gay Couple in the water

A man who told his story on Reddit decided to give blood at his local center, so he could help save lives – and get $60 for his efforts. He donated twice and everything was OK. On the third time – this happened:

They called my name into the office where you first sign up. the doctor tells me that he’s seen a post on Facebook of me and another man shirtless, and because I was presumed to be gay (because there was “Male to Male contact”), they said I was being permanently banned from donating at that center.

Is a photo of him being shirtless with another man, reason enough to decline his blood?