Even as gay men, most of us are used to “traditional” families, gay or straight. But sometimes – as is the case with Graham – families can be very unique constructs, with both a wife – and a male lover.

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Graham - Wife Encourages Him To Have Sexual Experience With Another Man
Graham. Photo: YouTube

In this touching video from “I’m From Driftwood” (an organisation that films LGBTQ testimonials), 65-year-old Graham, born in London, England, tells the story of how it was his wife who helped him realize he’s gay.

“At 18 I met this fascinating Italian girl and we fell in love, and we married, and it was great for several years, and we had two children.

Several years later, my wife came to me one day and said ‘Graham, I think you think you’re gay, and I think you should get it out of your system however it goes. Because it could be affecting our relationship.’ I was in total shock.

She told me ‘Just get on a plane and go to London and don’t come back until you sort it out. This is the best thing you can do.”

Come Friday morning I was on a plane to London, and by evening I was in bed with Gary, this wonderful strawberry blond thing, and we had this incredible night which showed me that in fact I was gay.”

Going back to Italy I told my wife my experiences with Gary. More than devastated, it just confirmed what she always suspected. We looked at our beautiful children, and I would have been devastated to have left them.

And so Graham and his wife stayed together.

“I’ve been with my wife for 47 years. We have a very caring – albeit platonic relationship – she is my very dearest friend, my soul mate, my life partner.”

Watch Graham tell his charming story right here:

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