Usually we write about “straight” guys who were curious enough to “experiment” with guys. But sometimes it works the other way around too – some gay guys (or are they bi?) give it a go with women – and some of them were willing to share their experiences on Reddit.

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1. There’s always a first time

Young straight couple

I met a nice girl in high school, who would eventually go to the prom with me. But, I told her I thought I might be gay and if she wanted to go with someone else she could.

She said no and added the line that I just needed a good girl to straighten me out. So we experimented. After the prom we both lost our virginity together. I came fast the first time and she did not have a cherry for me to break.

We only had sex a few times before we both left for college. I learned to work her tits and clit to make her cum. I saw her years later and she told me it was a very nice experience for her.

2. Curious, but shy

Sexy man in bed

I definitely am curious to try with women, and if the occasion presents itself, I would jump on it.

Seeing as I’ve only ever bottomed, that would however be super awkward to explain to a girl I’m still “virgin” at 25. So I’m afraid it will stay a fantasy.

3. There was something missing

Straight man running after a woman

I dated a woman for 4 months mostly because she really liked me and was pursuing me and I hadn’t really figured out my sexuality by then.

Fast forward to 4 months later and even though she liked our sex I felt like just eating minge and fucking it, something was missing. Ended up breaking it off after 4 months and she was like “WTF? Why are we breaking up?”

And I should have said because I want the D but I really just kept quiet. She didn’t know what happened.

Anyways we’re both married to different people now and have pretty good prom pictures from that. Never really met her again though because she keeps avoiding me.

4. Can we just talk?

I'm tired of straight people complaining

I never really wanted to, as a kid in high school I’d “date” girls but never would want to do more with them except talk all the time, hang out, and be good friends lol.

5. Too much work

Man with straight friends

I learned that I like being sexual with women, but almost everything else up to that point is boring. I don’t like having to pursue them and I don’t like how emotional they are. Having sex/dates with guys is way easier.

6. There’s a name for that

Bisexual men and one woman

My experience has been a little different. I first experimented with guys at the age of 15 and only had sex with guys for the next 5 years. Yes, it was good, but in all that time I also desired women.

By the time I did get involved with women I knew enough about how to make love that it was not really experimenting.

Back in the middle of the previous century almost no one talked about bisexuality, you were gay or you were straight, nothing else. I had a bit of a struggle, before I accepted that I was bi. By choice, I only have sex with men now, but I still find many women attractive.

7. Sometimes it just doesn’t work

Today I Told My Girlfriend that I was gay

Other than general hand holding making out in the park kind of teenage-going-nowhere stuff, I only properly sexually experimented with two girls. I did it to make sure I was gay, and as it turns out I am since couldn’t get it up for either of them. It felt so unsexy that I couldn’t even process them as sexual situations.

The first got frustrated and left after stripping and touching didn’t work, the second tried to get a rise out of me for ages before she finally gave up (though she was actually very sweet about it and even offered to try again another time, which I politely declined.)

8. If all else fails…

Friends with beer

It’s fine as long as there’s another guy there too.