Ever thought you would listen to someone called “The Shirtless Violinist“? Now you can, listen – and of course – gawk at, with his impressive body and beautiful cover of… a Justin Bieber song.

The shirtless violinist - Matthew Olson
Photo: Instagram

Matthew Olson, who is openly gay, is using the “Shirtless Violinist” project for charity, to help raise awareness¬†of homelessness, mental illness and substance abuse, and is calling for viewer to donate.

He plays – shirtless, of course – in various scenic spots, so you get a beautiful background AND a beautiful shirtless violinist.

For his first video, he did a cover (shirtless cover… pun intended) of Katy Perry’s rise:


For his second video he took on the artist best known for being shirtless РJustin Bieber:

Now we’re just waiting for a full-on shirtless orchestra.

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