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Straight guys aren’t usually interested in seeing nude photos of other men (well, some do). But straight YouTuber Jack Dean (AKA JaackMaate) accepted the challenge from gay YouTuber Calum McSwiggan – and got to take a peek at Calum’s nudes.

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Calum McSwiggan and Jack
Photo: YouTube

Calum McSwiggan isn’t too shy about showing his body – or at least he wasn’t, when he did some gay porn in the past. So now, his straight pal Jack gets to see the goods, with his girlfriend sitting right next to them – and it’s hilarious.

“I feel like after the camera’s off, it’s going to feel a bit awkward”, Jack says. Calum, however, explains that “usually when I’m about to show people my nudes, I feel really confident about it”. We all wish for that, don’t we…

They start with a nude photo taken specifically for the occasion (taken in a train bathroom!), embarrassing Jack to no end. When asked to “rate it”, Jack gives Calum a 4 out of 10. Ouch…

It all goes a bit haywire from there, there’s even a nude photo involving a Spider-man suit, and it ends with a “It feels weird to touch you now”. Hmm…

Watch the full video right here: