It’s an all-star team of gay hunks – Davey Wavey and Steve Grand get together to give us the “Gay Online Dating Bible” – and it’s fabulous, and enlightening (at least for some).

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Davey Wavey and Steve Grand
Photos: Instagram

To start off the video, Steve Grand, the out gay singer and YouTuber gets his gay dating knowledge tested. He knows what PNP means, and what a dollar sign next to a name means, and even UC (uncut), DDF (Drug and Disease Free).

And yes, even Steve Grand has an idea of what “Ghosting” is – when someone messages you, and then disappears. “He found something better”, Steve says. And if that can happen to HIM, it can happen to anyone. (And we already know what always kills HIS boner)

Next, Steve shows his best dating profile pictures (“the tights seal the deal!”, Davey explains), and then we get some gay dating rules and guidelines, such as:

  • Do not include a picture of a tree (or any other objects that are not yourself).
  • Your profile picture should be recent (you want someone who will like you for who you are now)

And finally, Steve reveals – what happens when people ask him if he’s “clean”?

Watch the full video right here: