Troye Sivan, the 22-year-old openly gay Australian singer is doing really well these days. His latest single “My My My” is a big hit, he made his Saturday Night Live début last week, and his second album is on its way.

But what about his love life? Troye recently sat down for a video interview, to give his fans some dating advice – and ended up revealing some cheeky tidbits about himself…

troye sivan yellow hair
Photo: Instagram

Troye was asked by IHeartRadio to give his fans some love advice, as many of his songs deal with relationships.

The first question was “What would be the perfect day for a date?

“For me it”, Troye answers, “would probably be a good mixture of just sitting at home, and also something a bit naturey like going to the park or to the beach.”

Troye then talks about how it’s impossible to break up with someone without people getting hurt, then about his dog’s girlfriend (!), and finally – “How do you flirt?”

“A lot of is in body language. Really leaning in when somebody’s talking to you…

I do this thing, this is not just a flirting thing, just nervous in a social situation of ANY KIND, I play with my ear while I’m talking to the person.

Or… this sounds really bad… I play with my neck or my back. I just pull at my skin.”

So next time when you want to know if Troye is flirting with you – see if he’s pulling on something.

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Watch the full video right here, where Troye also talks about his first kiss: