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Tommy Dorfman, the 25-year-old openly gay actor who starred in Netflix’ popular teen drama 13 Reasons Why, revealed on Twitter today that he was sexually assaulted at 14-years-old.

Tommy Dorfman
Photo: Deposit Photos – S_Bukley

Tommy Dorfman’s brave Tweet comes following Anthony Rapp’s accusations towards Kevin Spaceyclaiming that the Oscar-winning actor made sexual advances towards him 30 years ago, when Anthony was only 14-years-old.

Today, Tommy decided to join the legion of brave men and women who are no longer willing to stay quiet.

“As a person who was sexually assaulted and abused at 14 by a 27-year-old”, Tommy wrote on Twitter, “I applaud Anthony Rapp for his courage. It’s scary to speak out.”

Tommy, who has a husband named Peter, spoke last month about being out in Hollywood, saying that coming out might limit his opportunities in Hollywood, but will “not be a big deal” in a couple of years.

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More recently, Tommy was awarded with GLAAD’s Rising Star Award, for “using his growing platform to accelerate LGBTQ acceptance.” In a moving acceptance speech, he spoke about the community that embraced him, and “taught me what it means to be a gay person.”

Watch his speech right here: