Coming out, first to yourself, and then to your loved ones, is never easy. For one guy on Reddit, it felt like his whole world had just collapsed.

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Coming home from work, I knew tonight was going to be tough. The hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but I’ve done it. I got home and told my girlfriend of five years, mother of my twin daughters, that I was gay.

Today I Told My Girlfriend that I was gay

Why did it take him so long? Sometimes it just does. “I guess I’ve always known, really. Tried to hide it in an attempt to be ‘normal’, but I’ve realized that’s bullshit, and I was unhappy.

His girlfriend, understandably, did not take it very well.

Everything is kind of a blur right now, but there were tears on both sides. She called her mum almost straight away and took herself and the girls over to her parents… I didn’t even get the chance to tell her that no matter what, there is no possible way I could ever love anyone as much as I love her. She was my best friend. I’ll never have that with anyone else. Why did I do this? Why me?

Thankfully, the users of Reddit were quick to offer some support and advice. “It took A TON of courage to do that. I’m happy that you can truly be who you are. And things will get better. It will just take time“, wrote David. “I seriously wish I could buy ya a beer and just be a shoulder to cry on, man”, another guy wrote.

Alex even had a similar story – “I did the same thing 12 years ago now. Had been married for 18 years with three kids. I feel for you. I can honestly say I’ve been in the same position. If you need to chat message me. I’m happy to listen.

We’re holding our fingers for the guy, who is heading into a rough patch – but with a better life for himself at the end of his current road.

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