It’s that time of the year again – sexy guys wear hunky costumes, and go out parading them around Instagram. We’ve already seen last year’s sexiest costumes – now let’s see 2015’s hottest ones…

Summer Gay Porn Discounts: See The Hottest Men ⮕

1. Everybody’s favorite kind of angel

2. The only thing missing for this sexy Aquaman – some water


3. Zombies are scary. Except when they’re sexy

4. Sometimes some blood is all you need


5. Better than the original version…


6. A hot little kitty…


7. A cop… a stripper… A stripper cop!


8. Vampires don’t have to be scary… or at least, not JUST scary


9. Double the vampire, Double the pleasure


10. The caption says “Tasty”. We say: Yes


11. You can never miss with Batman and Robin


12. Always glad to support our troops…


13. … All kinds of troops!


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