Broke Straight Boys black friday

Looking for a costume idea before Halloween? Looking for some last-minute inspiration? Or maybe – just looking for hot guys in costumes? We’re here to please, so there you go. (And don’t forget, if you’re looking to buy a costume – there’s still time!)

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1. The Sexy Power Ranger


2. It’s the Superhero Trio of our dreams


3. And this is the Superhero Duo of our nightmares… But, you know, good nightmares


4. Even animals can be hot, when portrayed by the right humans


5. Look! He’s a… it’s a… oh heck, he’s hot and in a costume


6. “Slutty Ninja Turtles” – Ok, yes, we guess that’s a thing


7. Even Zombies can be hot!


8. The Ultimate Zombie-Superman mashup


9. Batman and Robin were always a sexy duo


10. Such a hunky little Cheshire Cat…


11. Ghosts can be hot as well


12. WOW, Even Mickey can get hunky


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