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Some couples don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day – every day can be a romantic adventure for them. The gay men of Reddit were asked – “What’s the most romantic thing your Significant Other had done for you?” – And these were some of their answers:

1. I’ll Do Anything To Be Near You

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Right when we first started dating, maybe a few weeks in, he was supposed to go to a long conference in another country. I was really bummed because he would miss my birthday and because I wanted to continue getting to know him.

The morning of my birthday I was really pissed because he didn’t even call me to say goodbye before leaving. I went for a jog, same path I always take.

At the end of the road he was just sitting there with coffee smiling. It was the biggest shock of my life.

I asked “What are you doing here?” and he said “I quit my job, I couldn’t stay away from you for two weeks.” (Reckless but oh God it made my heart flutter). Thankfully he found a much better job!

2. Looking At The Stars

Couple looking at the sky

He knows I have a serious obsession with the dark starry sky, photos of the Milky Way, etc. — things that we can never see where we live but which I remember fondly from childhood.

Three years ago we traveled to his hometown in rural Idaho for a wedding. My mind was mostly on navigating (mapgeek here), scenery, and memorizing his relatives’ names.

About 9pm my SO said come on let’s go for a drive. We set off through thick woods, then snaked up a winding hill onto a plateau, parked, and got out. It was pitch black everywhere. I almost couldn’t even see the car’s hood, let alone the shoulder. I waited for him to come around to my side.

He said “Now look up!” It was a sky chock full of stars plus the Milky Way all the way across. I looked back down and he kissed me.

This is only the coolest thing he’s done, of dozens. I’ll never match his originality, sparkle, or sense of occasion.

3. To The End Of The World And Back

Oh no, a flat tire!

Tomorrow, he’s driving 900 miles to help me move. Then he’s driving my shit all the way back, too.

4. I’ll Learn Every Craft For You

Man sewing

My SO learned to sew and made me a Pusheen the Cat woolen doll, and asked me to be his BF with that. I squealed and cried.

5. A Guy Who Can Cook…

Two men cooking

On the night I met his friends I was young and stupid. I felt like I was anti-social and didn’t have what it took to be likeable so I downed a mickey of vodka to loosen me up. He ended up taking me back home a bit earlier because I was way too drunk.

As soon as we left the party he took me to Subway and bought bread to sober me up. We walked up the street to his house and I remember vomiting beside a green bin. We got into his house and he held me as I vomited even more into a bowl. 

He took care of me all night and in the morning made me labneh, a Lebanese cream cheese, and a pita. I’ll never forget that day, I know it isn’t romantic and it’s pretty standard but that was the first time I felt so sure of someone.

Of course he’s done romantic things afterward but that’ll be the thing I’ll always remember.

6. Even When I’m Not There

Man with laptop

I had a business trip I was coming home from on my birthday, but he left the day before for a trip of his own.

I was really bummed to get home to an empty apartment, but he had beautiful flowers waiting on the dining table with a card, then food delivered from my favorite Thai place. He skyped me and we ate dinner “together.”

7. Surprise, It’s Me!

Two men in a restaurant

We were in a long distance relationship and my birthday was coming up.

He had the email address for one of my close friends, and he emailed him with the plan. My buddy invited me out for a birthday dinner on the friday night of the weekend, down in NYC.

I lived about an hour away, and when I got to the restaurant it was my boyfriend there and not my friend. He had flown in to surprise me to me birthday. Major awwww moment 🙂

8. And then there’s this…

Man eating ice cream

I’ve attempted to surprise him with candy. but I usually eat it.

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