With all the progress the LGBTQ community has made in recent years, there’s still a lot of homophobia out there. And when you’re 19-years-old, and your mother kicks you out of your home for being gay – things can look dire.

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That’s what happened to this guy on Reddit, who came out to his mother a year ago – but was only now kicked out, supposedly for being a “bad influence” on his siblings.

“I’m 19, living in a moderately sized southern town”, he writes. “Yesterday I receive a phone call from my mother telling me she can no longer ‘put up with my lifestyle’ and doesn’t want me to ‘influence your siblings’ and that I’m on my own.”

Now, he’s feeling both hurt – and desperate.

“My younger brother and sisters are all above 10 at this point and still haven’t even the slightest inkling of my preferences.

I can’t say I really understand her decision, it’s been a year since I came out to her. Only 8 months since we’d discussed the possibility of her having a relationship with any boyfriend I may eventually have.

She’s chosen her beliefs over me, I suppose, even then, she is sleeping with her boyfriend out of wedlock. NOTHING MAKES SENSE. I don’t have any family here not just as religious/spiteful as she is. Not sure what to do.

The icing on the shit cake is that I had just moved back here to live with her for a time while I saved up for a better car, so for a while I’ve been out of a job and basically broke.

I had actually just found another job an hour before she broke the news. However, I don’t start till Monday. I do have a pretty old car I can sleep in with some level of comfort.

My current plan if you can call it that is to keep couch surfing until I can get lucky with Craigslist, currently no such luck, I don’t have the money for a large deposit and first month’s rent. I’m in a bit of a jam, I’d appreciate any advice.”

Thankfully, he did receive some heart-warming advice from the other commenters on Reddit, with some even offering their place as a temporary solution, and others urging him to contact a local LGBTQ center.

The help and advice from strangers on the internet, did at least make him feel better.

“I appreciate all the responses guys, really. I feel better knowing that there are some options out there for me that I didn’t originally consider.

“Last night I laid awake for hours thinking about everything from ‘where does one buy a solar powered heating stove?’ to ‘being a male prostitute surely isn’t that difficult’. But now, I feel more secure in that something will come along, thanks again.”