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Not too long ago, being gay was something that could cause you to lose your job. Nowadays, at least in some companies, being gay can actually help you progress – but is it the right thing to do? That’s the question on the mind of a guy who came to Reddit for advice.

In a suit and tie

“What is your opinion on using the gay card to progress at work?”, he asks, and explains:

Like most companies, there is currently a massive drive to show how progressive and diverse they are.

Do you think it’s wrong to differentiate myself from other candidates by trying to use the ‘gay card’. (I’m currently not out at work). The way I see, they get a gay poster boy and I get a pay rise.

Wondering if anyone agrees, or has used the gay card to their advantage in any other circumstances?

Many of the commenters on Reddit were familiar with the situation:

But there were also voices against it:

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