Isn’t it weird how hot models always look so, well, hot in their photos? Well, it’s not weird, because they’re hot – but they do some other stuff to make things look good (other than Photoshop) – and YouTuber/Model/Instagram star Sean O’Donnell just gave us an interesting tip.

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And, more importantly – two very thirst-inducing photos.

Sean O'Donnell sitting
Photo: Instagram

22-year-old Sean O’Donnell is what we call a “Social Media Influencer” these days, with more than 1 million followers on Instagram, his own “merch” line, and a constant flow of hot modelling photos.

In a recent set of comparison shots he posted on Twitter, Sean can been seen shirtless on a boat. Yes, he’s super-hot in both photos, but one looks even better than the other. The reason?

“The subtle but significant difference of flexing your arms in a photo”, he wrote in the caption. Here, see the difference for yourself:

So next time you take that Grindr profile photo, or just a cute snap for your grandmother – make sure you flex your arms. But first, let’s enjoy some more Shirtless Sean:

Wait, there’s more!


OK, Just one more