Last month, we happily told you about a possible relationship between British singer Sam Smith and 13 Reasons Why actor Brandon Flynn, after photos of the two kissing were published.

Now, some shrewd fans have noticed that the two have been flirting right in front of us… and on Instagram, no less.

Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn
Photos: Deposit Photos – Jean Nelson / Netflix

Brandon Flynn, the 23-year-old actor from Netflix’ hit series, came out (sort of) as part of the LGBTQ community a couple of months ago. Sam Smith, the 25-year-old successful singer and Grammy award winner, came out back in 2014.

So far there’s been no official confirmation on Brandon and Sam dating, but they were seen kissing, holding hands, and hugging in the street. Additionally, on an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Sam confirmed he’s no longer single – but did not name names.

Recently though, fans have noticed that both Sam and Brandon have been mentioning – and commenting on each other’s posts on Instagram, sometimes in an adorable, cheeky way.

Mr man Taron

Brandon commented on one of Sam’s posts “You’re so good boy.” On another, he wrote in the comments “apple of my eye.”

And in a photo in which Sam was riding a bike, Brandon commented “Zaddy” to which the singer responded with a kissing emoji.

And if all that’s not enough for you – fans have also been circulating photos of the two on a night out, presumably from this weekend.

They look adorable – and we wish them all the best…