Ross Lynch, the actor and former Disney star, and his, have some great songs. But we can’t help it – Ross is the star attraction for us, and when he releases a video showing him all sweaty behind the scenes, wearing very little… we get distracted.

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Ross Lynch in Poland
Photo: YouTube

Ross Lynch, who you might remember from Disney’s Teen Beach Movie, recently ditched his Disney persona, playing gay serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, in the indie film My Friend Dahmer. He was also a member of the “R5” band, made up of Ross and his family members, then switched to “The Driver Era” with his brother Rocky.

R5 regularly released a series of videos called “R5 TV”, showing their performances around the world, and mainly what it looks like behind the scenes.

In one episode, the camera followed the band members in Poland. There’s eating, and performing, and sweating behind the scenes in nothing but almost-see-through underwear.

Tumblr user “Gay for Celebrities” was kind enough to turn that tantalizing moment into a short clip:

You can watch the full video right here – the super-exciting parts flash at the 11:03 mark.