By now, you probably know that Spanish model River Viiperi isn’t exactly… shy. But there’s not-shy, and then there’s… posting a wet-underwear photo where things are quite… visible. And he KNOWS we’re thirsty.

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river viiperi bedroom selfie
Photo: Instagram

River Viiperi is a popular, and sexy, 28-year old model who tends to get naked on Instagram, or at least half-naked, though Instagram is in the habit of deleting some of his more raunchy photos – so you better hurry.

This time, in a photo aptly captioned “It’s Thursday, aren’t you thirsty?”, River did his part to quench our thirst, with, well… this:

While we’re here, we might as well take a look at some more of his recent thirst traps, like:


And of course –

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